Dex One Marketing a Scam

Overland Park, Kansas 2 comments

I signed up for Dex One Marketing to advertise my business to get sales for my telecommunications business.We have lots of products and services like Internet, Satellite TV, Cell Phone Service, ect.

After the first day I got 7 calls, but no turnovers for sales. After two months calls stop coming in or they were asking about the IRS office if I was them. Then in my third month they said they had to stop the campaign to revamp the ads, but they still charged me for it. The fourth month I got calls from people asking if I can repair their phones, or if it is the IRS again.

They were charging me $180 a month for this. I called to cancel and the supervisor said NO you will complete your contract that you signed and we just need to try to make it work. I told him it wasn't working and he said as long as you get 3 phone calls a month they are doing their part. Really I starting calling the people back and they said they had the wrong number and never even heard of me or my company.

Don't ever pay for online marketing and don't ever go to DexOne Marketing. They sell you a promise of 15 sales a month and if you only get 3 calls a month with no sales or even if they hang up on you when you pick up the phone, DexOne feels like they held up their end of the bargain. BS!

They rip people off and just want money for nothing.



Dex is attempting to change my contract amount. They are trying to increase my monthly amount to cover a SD tax that they say began in Oct 2013. After research with the state this tax did not begin in Oct 2013, it has always been there in the law and it is just that Dex was unaware of it more than likely and want me to again pay for their mistakes.

I have a signed contract with Dex for a set amount each month and nowhere in the contract does it state they may change additional amounts to cover additional taxes or mistakes they made or because they were unaware of the law. What is with this company? Do they really think losing a $6000.00 dollar contract is worth the $60 they are going to collect over the next 6 months. Mary Murphy from the state will be getting back to me again on this tax as Dex may only tax for search engine optimization and not any advertising. This is not broke down on my bill as she stated to me it should be if they are collecting a tax for the state. Charles Ramerez from Dex made the decision to charge me late fees during the time Dex was deciding what to do in my case and now is demanding payment on my bill for the additional tax. Seems this company is everything you read about it.

Cary, North Carolina, United States #648185

Please contact Dex One Customer Service @ 800-251-7056. We will review the contract and content and if necessary we will adjust the account.

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